College of Nursing and Technology


  • “Thanks College of Nursing and Technology for everything you’ve done. Thanks for believing that I can pass the NCLEX exam. I’m an LVN now…Yeah!!!!!! I highly recommend this school to any newcomers. Great office ladies, great teachers, and great school. I had a great time here.”  Sabi Saini
  • “Friendly, helpful staff. amazing instructors, cheap tuition. This is a very good school. If you are interested in getting into an LVN program, I highly recommend CNT. Check it out”  -J.O. Batch 18
  • “Dr. Paul gives great guidance to students so we feel confident in finding success in our field.  He is an exceptionally good teacher with a great wealth of knowledge and experiences.  The whole staff is very helpful and wonderful to the students.”   Christian K.
  • “I PASSED the NCLEX!! Yeah!!  Thank you and all the staff members for helping and supporting us.  I couldn’t become LVN without you!!!”   Sonomi N.
  • “Focus on Dr Paul’s teaching and knowledge, apply it on your NCLEX and you’ll surely pass, like I did… The cheapest nursing program in the valley!”   Gg S.
  • “Great school! Cheapest for LVN program and yet excellent teachings. Teachers and staff are knowledgeable, resourceful and apt. Recommendable!”   Ceres L. 
  • “I had the best experience, the school is good just focus . Is the cheapest nursing program. Best Instructors good teaching skills. 98% passing grade.”   Kay R.
  • “It has been a privilege for me to attend College of Nursing and Technology.Without a doubt one of the best things about this school is having great, amazing instructors who actually care about the success of their students.”   Dana B.

Success Stories

  • College of Nursing realized that most students in addition to attending school have jobs, families and struggles that they must juggle while attending school and we do all we can to support their growth in the program. These success stories are here to demonstrate that this program is for all types of people with a full life and busy schedule.
  • Our most mature student at the age of 70 graduated and passed NCLEX on her first attempt with English as her 2nd language.
  • A single mother of five with a full time job graduated and passed NCLEX on her first attempt.
  • A family of 5 (4 children and Mother) attended the program by encouraging the others to attend are now well on their way to working towards RN or BSN.  

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”   Henry David Thoreau

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